MLB Model Logo


Via a mutual friend I received a request from MLB Model to create a new website and Twitter logo.


The requirements for the new logo were that it be used as both a website header logo and Twitter account logo. It was also requested that the logo be in part based on the existing Major League Baseball(MLB) logo and therefore use the primary colors of red, blue and white. The purpose of MLB Model is to use advanced statistics and analytics to predict the outcome of MLB games. Therefore the logo needed to incorporate both mathematical analysis and baseball in a unique and visually appealing way.


All the work was done at first using pencil and paper, and then moving to Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.


Using the MLB Logo as my starting point I quickly decided to keep the existing rounded rectangle background with text below. I also wanted to try and maintain the blue and red color bisection of the background rectangle.

From this point I decided to hone in on two major themes, spray charts and machine learning. Spray charts serve to document where a batted ball is hit and whether or not it resulted in an out. They have become crucial tools for analyzing a batters performance. Using different spray chart styles as a foundation I created the following three mockups.


mlbmodel5  mlbmodel1 mlbmodel2


The other theme I wanted to explore I called machine learning. Simply defined machine learning is the processing of using algorithms on data to predict future outcomes. Machine learning as become a crucial part of baseball player and team analysis because of the plethora of data baseball provides. Most models that attempt to predict the outcome of baseball games will use machine learning. Binary numbers (consisting of either 1 or 0) are used internally by almost every computer or computing device as the basic computing logic. I decided to use binary then as the shape for the batter in the MLB Logo to give the impression of using machine learning and logic to predict a players performance. This idea resulted in the following two mockups.





Final Product

After presenting all five mockups the choices were narrowed down between these two.





The spray chart theme was ultimately chosen as the final product.






The logo is can be seen on both the MBL Model website and Twitter.