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I regularly contribute articles to the sports analytics website Cheap Seat Analytics. As part of our effort to improve the site it was determined a new logo was need.


Initially I started sketching ideas using pen and paper. After working through a number of ideas and landing on one to run with all the work was done using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.



The logo would be used as the main brand for the Cheap Seat Analytics site. The goal of the site is to use statistical analysis to explain and predict sports and athlete performance. Therefore the logo needed to combine a sense of the sports world with the world of statistics and analytics.



My first instinct was to try and work of the word seat in the website name, however, I could never really find an ideal solution for marrying a image of a sports seat with any sort of statistical analysis. This issue led me to think more about how to represent the world of sports analytics graphically.

A picture is worth a thousand words, a common phrase that explain our natural preference for images and visual learning over text and reading. The natural human condition has resulted in the use of data visualizations to explain complex problems. The world of sports analytics is no stranger to data visualizations. One of the most common and simple data visualizations is the line graph. With a common line graph as inspiration I began to work through some ideas involving various upwards and downwards trending lines and arrows. Initially I settled on a design of a baseball player swinging and line graph inspired upwards trending arrow coming off the bat. However, I thought this design was too similar to Fangraphs (a similar baseball analytics site) use of a baseball player over a bar graph.

I liked the idea of a the line graph arrow but still needed a way to incorporate sports into the design. Instead of focusing on the word seat in the site title I expanded my view to include the full cheap seat. The cheap seats in sports are generally the last rows at the top of the stadiums with the worst view and thus commanding the lowest price. This gave me the idea to use a stadium with an arrowing representing the line graph pointing to the upper decks.



With my idea in place I began sketching multiple versions of stadiums and arrows like you see below.

IMG_0435 IMG_0437 IMG_0436


I determined this was the idea I wanted to run with. However, I decided after looking at my sketches that the arrow should end pointing up as to give the impression of positive performance instead of the negative downward direction. I also decided to have the crowd in the stadium appear as O with the one fan the arrow lands on as a X. This was meant to represent the standing out from the crowd, the idea being that using analytics would help the site stand out from the general sports crowd.

I decided to use two colors for the logo. One color would represent the analytics side of the logo (arrow, X, word analytics) and the other color would represent the sports side of the logo (stadium, words cheap seat).


Final Product



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The logo can be seen on the Cheap Seat Analytics website.