The Building of a Brand


This work was done as part of a class on Computer Art during my sophomore year of College.


We live in an age when athletes much become more than just players of a game to become a superstar. A great performance and season no longer bring an athlete to the forefront of public consciousness. In this social media age to become a superstar athletes must turn themselves into a brand wielding all aspects of social media and endorsements at their disposal.

This movement of athletes as brands can be traced back to one iconic athlete corporation partnership; Michael Jordan and Nike. The partnership created one of the most iconic brands in popular culture, jordan streetwear. It also presents a classic chicken and egg paradigm. Did the Nike jordan brand help make Michael Jordan the greatest player ever in peoples minds? Or was he already the greatest player ever and his presence helped Nike break into popular culture?

I decided to explore this relationship by interspersing elements of Michaels career with images of the Nike brand.


The following images represent the stages honing of my idea into a final product.

Practice1 Practice5 Practice3Practice4 Practice2



Final Product


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This image was turned into a wall poster.