Designing A New Team USA World Baseball Classic Uniform


Uniwatch hosted a redesign contest for team USA’s World Baseball Classic uniforms after ranking them the worst in the tournament.

Idea Framing

I started off thinking of my design by trying to write out a framework for my design. I listed a bunch of ideas, words and emotions surrounding baseball in the United States. Most of the ideas I came up with centered on the word heritage. The United States was the birthplace of baseball and it has long been described as America’s past time. Therefore the uniform in my mind had to evoke that heritage.

Then I started listing out some other feelings I wanted to incorporate into the design. Here I mostly focused on the terms classic and timeless. Since the United States has the richest history of baseball in the word it wouldn’t feel right to have the uniform attempt to stand out the way it may for other countries. I felt this were especially true for the home whites, the away grey’s I felt I could push a little more since most people tend to think of teams home uniforms. In both cases I felt it was important to harken back to some classic elements of baseball uniforms. So even though I wanted to do something more daring on the away uniforms I felt it still needed to bee rooted in elements of historic uniforms.


With some ideas and emotions written down I next went on the internet and searched through baseball uniforms both past and present. I pulled out some interesting ones and others I felt had elements I could incorporate into my design.



Armed with a written list of emotions and a folder filled with images I began quickly sketching out ideas for uniforms and logos. The purpose here was to just get as many ideas on to paper as possibly quickly and then ideate through them to find ones I wanted to pursue further.


After sketching some ideas I liked I took them further and began mocking them up in photoshop. At this point I had a general idea of what I wanted but needed to look at some of the finer details like the way the logos looked on the hats and the typeface for the lettering and numbers.

Final Design

Finally I reached one complete design for the home and away uniforms I felt captured what I was looking to see in a baseball uniform for team USA.